Thursday, 4 October 2012

Bluewater & Manchester Exhibitions

Back at base again after a very busy 4 days in Exeter and as there is no exhibition this week I have some free time, inbetween getting ready for Alexandra Palace next week, to add more info to my blog.  It is true to say that the 2 exhibitions were very close together which really did not help us.  However it was rather nice to be staying in the centre of Manchester - it really is such a lovely city centre - and I am always amazed at the staircase at the Britannia Hotel.  It is usually possible to get quite a good deal there and the staircase just keeps on going up and up - more so that the picture shows.  Then farther down the road something I had never seen before - a building with scaffolding up, but the scaffolding is covered with a large tarpaulin (well I assume it is a tarpaulin type material) with a picture of the building on the outside.  You really do not notice it at first.


The second Manchester exhibition was Event City at Trafford Park so it was time to rent a flat at Media City for a really good price!!  It turned out we were in an apartment block next to the new BBC Buildings.  We have discovered over the years that if I take a small trolley out of the van we can move our food (and wine!) all in one go - I don't think the receptionist had seen anything like it before!!  The only problem was that having loaded the food and drink trolley into the lift, that said lift took off on its own with us chasing close behind in the 2nd lift!!

Salford Quays at night

Part of the redevelopment in Salford - Media City - taken from the apartment

Because we went to Bluewater a day early there was a little time after we had set up the stands to go exploring in the area, so we went to have a look at Rochester.  If you have not been Rochester does have a very old and interesting centre, and we were lucky that the sun was shining.

Well its been there for donkey's years so it must be safe!


Enjoying a well earned drink!!!

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Quilt 2012

Well, its only September (almost at the end) and Quilt was back in August (16th-19th) but I seem to have an hour spare before  leaving for Exeter to do the report on Quilt.  As usual it was an overwhelming show with loads of visitors, particularly from overseas.  I had 2 Friendly Plastic ambassadors all to myself - Wil and Marjo (from Holland).  They visited the exhibition on each day and wore the most fantastic Friendly Plastic pendants.  Many people stopped them in the aisles to admire their jewellery!!  In actual fact my photos do not really do their work justice but I think you will get the idea.  My thanks to Wil and Marjo for the free advertising!!!

 Molten Designs
at Quilt with Friendly Plastic.
I really don't think I can get
more on display!!!

Wil & Marjo at Quilt - my Friendly Plastic Ambassadors!!! (shame I got the corner post in the middle!)


Friendly Plastic 'chunky' Pendants by Wil & Marjo

I also spotted Leny on the stand wearing this Friendly Plastic brooch - Again Leny is also from Holland.

I have  left Quilt determined to  make my own version of a Friendly Plastic 'chunky' pendant.

Now a chance to see some of the beautiful work at the Quilt exhibition - the quilts really are quite stunning.

Could not resist this one with the Clarice Cliff influence (could it be something to do with being from Stoke on Trent?)

Well I think that about covers the Quilt 2012 exhibition.  Now its off to Exeter and on my return I'll get some more blog posts done (I hope!)

Saturday, 28 July 2012


Now, this has nothing at all to do with Friendly Plastic but on my website I sell a beautiful range of Moorcroft Greeting Cards.  These are well worth a look if you have not seen them before.  I first came across them when I had several different customers bring them into our Framing Shop in Hanley for framing.  At that time I was also selling frames on the exhibitions and I already had a range of Clarice Cliff cards, which I still sell.  The Moorcroft Cards were the perfect addition to that range. All the designs are taken from Moorcroft designs and are reproduced with their permission.  All the cards (exc the Christmas cards) are blank inside so they can cover most occasions - it always useful to have some spare ones and you will never be 'caught out'!  I also now sell the Moorcroft Cards ready mounted so that you can frame them yourself into a standard sized (10x8") frame of your own choice.  This is of course also easier than trying to post a glazed frame successfully.  Each year new releases are issued and I now have the 2012 release into stock.  There are 8 different images in the range and I sell them as a set of 8 and individually:-
Moorcroft set of 8 2012 Release

Moorcroft Christmas Cards

Have a look for yourself at the cards on the website - I am sure you will be impressed.  Unfortunately the photography does not convey the quality of the cards, neither does it show the embossing on the cards.  What I can say however is that customers are always saying to me "I bought some but they are too nice to send"!!!


I have some more New Products to bring to you, which I am hoping to add to the stand for the Exhibitions in the Autumn.  The carriers seem to be coming through our doors at lot at the moment with deliveries and I still get excited at opening the boxes to see the new items.  The Kunin felt has been very successful for me so I have added 2 more prints to the range.  Kunin felt is the one that you can use a heat gun to distress it into holes (though I should add it does need a pretty strong heat gun i.e. mine is both 150 and 300w and both heats work for me).  You can of course also use it as an ordinary felt for sewing/glueing.  Kunin Felt is available in a wide range of Rainbow colours, with embossed finishes and with a glitter finish.  There is then the printed Kunin felt shown below.  The 1960's Tie Dye have had for some time (but it has been out of stock until yesterday) and the new ones are the 2 animal prints - Leopard Kunin and Zebra Kunin.

Kunin Felt 1960's Tie Dye

Kunin Felt Leopard

Kunin Felt Zebra

Hand made Indian Wooden Blocks
The other products I have just added to the range are hand made Indian Wooden Blocks.  Traditionally used for fabric printing, particularly silk, they can also be used in Friendly Plastic for texture.  I took them to both Doncaster and the Motorcycle Museum and they were very popular.  Limited at the moment to 8 different designs I am now looking to expand the selection.  As these are all hand made the sizing etc can vary from block to block.

Take a moment out to view the products on our website or follow the link on this page to either our website or facebook pages.

Friday, 27 July 2012


 These beautiful A4 sheets of
Glitter Fabric have just arrived into stock.  Available in Gold, Peacock and Fucshia they can be used in Mixed Media, card-making & fashion etc.  The example on the right shows the glitter fabric as the background and then combined with Tyvek, 3D Medium and of course Friendly Plastic.  (Finished with Glossy Accents).
This is not Glitter Paper or Card - the backing is a tightly woven cotton fabric - in fact it is the same one that Gok Wan used in his series to cover shoes.
Priced at £3.99 per A4 Sheet - Glitter Fabric choice of colours

Saturday, 7 July 2012

Olympic Torch

I am very grateful to Isabelle for sending me the photo of the Olympic Torch she made for her son in  Gold Sequin Waste.  I think its fabulous as she has even included the logo in Friendly Plastic.

It obviously received a good reception when they took it to the torch relay as she tells me "We took it yesterday as the torch passed through our villlage, and one of the police motorcycle outriders who had stopped by us said it was the best torch he'd seen. We were very proud."

Thanks Isabelle.
(Following another trip to the supplier this week I still have plenty of gold sequin waste in stock - follow this link:

Summer Crafting Doncaster, 14th & 15th July 2012

I can't believe the Doncaster Show is only next week and that I need to pack my suitcase again!  (I don't think its been entirely emptied since Brighton in May!!!)  As my mother lives in Bridlington (my original home time) I am going to leave on Thursday so that I can visit her first, and then go back down to Doncaster to set up on Friday.  I think I might as well make the most of this opportunity to see her.

I've already started packing the boxes and the stock has been arriving over the last week - all checked in now and partly packed.  I've got a new range to show you at Doncaster:

It a beautiful range of stunning braids and sequin trims
After a few hours (and with the help of my cat last night!) they were transformed from one bag (left) into carded colours individually bagged (on the right)

I have in mind card trimmings and embellishments and for inclusion into mixed media work.  Not sure if I can get them onto the internet site yet as each packet is different.  I had great fun putting the different colours together!!

Hope to see you in Doncaster - if you would like to see more details of the show the link to the organiser is  This is the exhibition which is organised by Stephanie Weightman, ex of Create and Craft and now with QVC.

Friday, 29 June 2012


This has nothing to do with Friendly Plastic but following on from my earlier blog about sequin waste I thought I had better have a go at making an Olympic Torch myself.  Here you have my interpretations of the Olympic Torch using Gold Sequin Waste.  Which one do you prefer?  I will let you into a little secret here - one was made by me and the other by my husband - depending on which one you prefer this could result in a domestic!!

The Olympic Torch on the left was made using a gold cardboard tube.  Cut a vertical slit at one end (only part way up) so it can be overlapped to form a slight cone.  It was then covered with the sequin waste.  I think you could use any colour tube here - but I would paint a brown one.  I think black could work quite well as it would show up the holes in the sequin waste well.

The Olympic Torch on the right was made using a stiff clear acetate.  Now it is much easier to cover the acetate with the sequin waste before you make the cone - as you are obviously covering a flat surface.  We used sellotape to attach it.  The cone shape was then formed and fixed using sellotape and then the acetate was creased at the top to make it more like the actual Olympic Torch.

In both cases I used pieces of net/chiffon to make the flame for the Olympic Torch (the Torch on the right could do with a little more flame!).  However if necessary Sainsburys carrier bags are the right colour!!

Make your own interpretation of the Olympic Torch using Gold Sequin Waste - click this link to take you directly to my webside:  5 metres Gold Sequin Waste

Don't forget to let me know which Olympic Torch you prefer.

Wednesday, 20 June 2012


I have put together a special Summer Offer.  Its not very often I give something away (I am originally from Yorkshire!!) but I do try and do something special in the summer.  All you need to do is order a minimum of £20 of craft products (exc p&p) and you get the Goody Bag free with your order.  The photo is a good representation of what you will get - but odd items may change depending on availability.

Ever wanted to try Friendly Plastic pellets?  - now is the time to try because there is a trial bag of Friendly Plastic pellets included, together with 5 different colours of sequin waste.  Also in there are 3 sheets of stickers, plastic coated wire, feathers, crafty bits, and paper shapes.  Hope you enjoy playing with the goodies!!

To Order go to the Website  and don't forget I do free 2nd class postage for all UK orders over £35.

Saturday, 2 June 2012

Sequin Waste Update

Following my earlier post about the new colours of sequin waste I have now added even more to the range.  Having run out of the gold colour (yet again!! - I have lost count of the number of Olympic torches being made) I spoke to my new supplier again.  In addition to the new colours - there are now 12 - I have also been able to get a better price.  It is now from 50p to £1 per metre depending on the quantity you order - just follow this link and scroll down the page to see the discounts and the colours available.

Friday, 25 May 2012

Friendly Plastic & Sequin Waste


Having been out of stock of some colours of Sequin Waste for some time I have changed suppliers.  They are now back in stock with new colours available - such as Holographic Black and a lovely Metallic Purple.

Follow the link above to see the new colours - priced from 60p per metre (just click on the product heading on the website to see the quantity discounts.

When used with Friendly Plastic lovely effects can be achieved for either card-marking or jewellery.  Very easy to achieve - just warm the Friendly Plastic, then lay a piece of sequin waste on the top.  Push in a metal cutter (this acts as a template) and the lift them and push from underneath so that the plastic goes through the holes of the sequin waste.  It will also 'dome' the piece at the same time.  It is best to work on tin foil as this is flexible enough to give way when you push up - it also helps to protect the thumbs!!!  Just one last thing - leave the cutter in until it has gone completely cold.  You can then safely remove the cutter.  You will need to trim around with scissors as the cutter will not cut through the sequin waste.  Have fun!!

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Friendly Plastic Art Deco Brooch

When I was at Brighton the other week-end I saw that I had quite a few triangular scraps in my box and decided it was time I did something with them.  I thought a brooch would be a nice idea, which you can see below.
Having made it I used what I believe to be the most secure way to add the brooch back.  I softened a scrap piece of Friendly Plastic and pushed the brooch fastening well into it, and then left it to go totally cold.  When cold I just flashed the back of the brooch and the back of the piece with the fitting on, with the heat gun.  You will see the black go glossy and that is sufficient.  Then just put the back of the brooch to the back of the fitting and job done - the Friendly Plastic will fuse together making a permanent bond.  Have a look through your scrap box and see what you can make from your waste.

Monday, 21 May 2012

General Exhibiton Info

Well I think it is time for a little bit of a catch-up now the Spring Exhibition season has ended.  I am not out now until July when I am at Doncaster Racecourse on 14th & 15th with Stephanie Weightman (ex Create & Craft and now QVC). 

As usual it has been a very busy run of shows, which on the whole have proved to be successful.  Looking back there are always a couple of highlights and things that are remembered well.  It is always nice to see other people's work and one highlight was when Jacqui Mansfield brought her work to Maldon in Essex (there are photos earlier in this blog). 

For the first time at Olympia 4 of us rented an apartment (in Battersea).  Bit of a hastle travelling but one of our party (Mike of Linden Lady Chocolates) is a brilliant Chef for us!  We go prepared with the wine and he arrives with the food - it all seems to work very well.  The only worrying thing was that when any of us touched the dishwasher we had an electric shock.  I telephoned to complain and they actually said - yes, you will get a shock if you are touching the sink at the same time!  I was so taken aback I could not say anything.  After that we reverted to manual washing-up!  Needless to say we will find somewhere else next year.

I was a little disappointed at Belfast because I was hoping to go to the Titanic exhibition.  However due to problems at the Hall it was not ready for us and we could not get in until just before lunch.  We did however go for a drive after we finished the Show on one evening and I was able to get some photos - mostly taken from inside the van.  I am not normally a fan of modern sculpture but I was really impressed by the spherical structure - according to a local taxi driver nicknamed "the balls on the Falls".

The exterior of the Titanic Exhbition Building (I'll try again next year to get there)

These are photos of The Crown, which is right in the centre of Belfast opposite The Europa Hotel.  Its brilliant as it still has the original panelled cubicles - don't miss going there if you are in Belfast.  By the way, yes, one of the drinks on the table is mine!!

Then came Shepton Mallet where I made a new friend - of the 4 legged variety.  One regular visit each year is a special treat to a particular restaurant.  It is in Frome, Somerset and is really in the owners private house - downstairs is devoted to a small cosy bar area and separate restaurant looking out over their back garden.  Luigi (who is Italian) is the Chef and his wife Susan looks after the restaurant.  The food is lovely and if you are in Frome pay a visit - it is called La Bisalta.   You need to be cat friendly though as the 2 cats have the run of the place!

Last of the season was Brighton.  I had hoped for some nice weather for Brighton - particularly with the show changing dates from February to May.  However, Tues - Thurs it was more like February!  On the Friday it was a nice day and of course when we had to leave on Saturday it was lovely and Brighton seafront was packed.  When it came to Brighton I really did not fancy an early morning start so I cheated and left a day earlier.  This turned out to be a bonus though as I was able to unload the van on the Tuesday so on Weds all I had to do was set the start up and finish earlier!   At the back of my head I had already the thought of going to Brighton Pavilion.  I remembered going many years ago with my Parents when I was  little - needless to say I could not remember much at all about it.  I was really glad to make the effort to go and think it was the best £10 I have spent in a long while.  So stunning inside.  It is a shame interior photos are not allowed but I can understand why, so I only have exterior shots.

Now that I think brings my travels up to date! 
Now to return to Friendly Plastic.  I have some photos to do of new items which I will post in due course.

Saturday, 19 May 2012

Friendly Plastic - Discontinued news
Unfortunately I have heard that the White Friendly Plastic is now discontinued.  Whilst I do have limited stocks, there is not a lot and the UK Supplier does not have any more stock left.  The prices of Friendly Plastic will also be rising on Monday (21st May) so if you are thinking of order now is the best time to do it.

Thursday, 5 April 2012

3D Dimensional Medium for Mixed Media

I have only recently taken on, and been working with this product and I love it.  It is a 3 Dimensional Medium which when heated with the heat gun expands to produce brilliant 3D texture.  The sample photos show it 'splodged' at random onto Lutradur and then heated to cause the 3D and also distress the Lutradur.  I have then heated some Friendly Plastic and pushed the Lutradur into it - and it gives the impression that the Friendly Plastic has 'splashed' onto the surface (the Burnt Orange at the top left and the Deep Red at the bottom right of the top photo).

I coloured the piece after I had heated the 3D Medium on the Lutradur, using Shimmer Sprays (which I will be taking into stock in due course).  I then highlighted the 3D Medium with the Multi Surface Paints.  By the way if you want to build up very thick layers it is a good idea to build up several thin layers - heating between each layer.  It can also be stitched 24 hours after curing and also hand washed.  (Instructions are on the side of the pot)

I am currently working with the 3D Medium directly onto a canvas (the box canvas type).  When it is finished I will post the photo for you to see (but I cannot say how long that will be!!!)  And, by the way, it is not just restricted to fabrics/canvas it also works well on paper and card, and through stencils if you want a regular image.