Saturday, 28 July 2012


I have some more New Products to bring to you, which I am hoping to add to the stand for the Exhibitions in the Autumn.  The carriers seem to be coming through our doors at lot at the moment with deliveries and I still get excited at opening the boxes to see the new items.  The Kunin felt has been very successful for me so I have added 2 more prints to the range.  Kunin felt is the one that you can use a heat gun to distress it into holes (though I should add it does need a pretty strong heat gun i.e. mine is both 150 and 300w and both heats work for me).  You can of course also use it as an ordinary felt for sewing/glueing.  Kunin Felt is available in a wide range of Rainbow colours, with embossed finishes and with a glitter finish.  There is then the printed Kunin felt shown below.  The 1960's Tie Dye have had for some time (but it has been out of stock until yesterday) and the new ones are the 2 animal prints - Leopard Kunin and Zebra Kunin.

Kunin Felt 1960's Tie Dye

Kunin Felt Leopard

Kunin Felt Zebra

Hand made Indian Wooden Blocks
The other products I have just added to the range are hand made Indian Wooden Blocks.  Traditionally used for fabric printing, particularly silk, they can also be used in Friendly Plastic for texture.  I took them to both Doncaster and the Motorcycle Museum and they were very popular.  Limited at the moment to 8 different designs I am now looking to expand the selection.  As these are all hand made the sizing etc can vary from block to block.

Take a moment out to view the products on our website or follow the link on this page to either our website or facebook pages.

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