Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Needle Felting

Here are my Needle Felting Guidelines and the photographs of some of the samples of Needle Felting which I have on my Exhibition Stand.

whooooops - they have have something on the blog and I can no longer load the photos from my computer - as an alternative here is the link to the page on my website which has all the information and the photos http://www.theframeworkshop.co.uk/needle-felting-instructions-and-examples.html  By the way if anybody is technical and knows how I do this please let me know!!!

Sandown Park - January

I just cannot believe having just gone into my blog that my last post was October.  What happened to November & December?  Already the shows are back again, in fact the van is now loaded ready to leave for Sandown Park in Esher tomorrow (the show is from Thursday - Sunday).  Rather unusually I seem to have done all my urgent jobs before I leave the shop today and have some spare time to go onto this blog.  At Sandown I am launching my new needlefelting kits so I need to post the photographs of my samples and the instructions.  Just got time to do that now I think.  Keep your fingers crossed we do not get more snow overnight - it would be nice to have a good run in the van tomorrow morning!