Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Quilt 2012

Well, its only September (almost at the end) and Quilt was back in August (16th-19th) but I seem to have an hour spare before  leaving for Exeter to do the report on Quilt.  As usual it was an overwhelming show with loads of visitors, particularly from overseas.  I had 2 Friendly Plastic ambassadors all to myself - Wil and Marjo (from Holland).  They visited the exhibition on each day and wore the most fantastic Friendly Plastic pendants.  Many people stopped them in the aisles to admire their jewellery!!  In actual fact my photos do not really do their work justice but I think you will get the idea.  My thanks to Wil and Marjo for the free advertising!!!

 Molten Designs
at Quilt with Friendly Plastic.
I really don't think I can get
more on display!!!

Wil & Marjo at Quilt - my Friendly Plastic Ambassadors!!! (shame I got the corner post in the middle!)


Friendly Plastic 'chunky' Pendants by Wil & Marjo

I also spotted Leny on the stand wearing this Friendly Plastic brooch - Again Leny is also from Holland.

I have  left Quilt determined to  make my own version of a Friendly Plastic 'chunky' pendant.

Now a chance to see some of the beautiful work at the Quilt exhibition - the quilts really are quite stunning.

Could not resist this one with the Clarice Cliff influence (could it be something to do with being from Stoke on Trent?)

Well I think that about covers the Quilt 2012 exhibition.  Now its off to Exeter and on my return I'll get some more blog posts done (I hope!)