Monday, 27 June 2011

Video - Using the Marbling Comb with Friendly Plastic

Success - here is the proper link to the new You Tube Video with Friendly Plastic.  Why my laptop at home would not do this on Saturday night goodness knows!!

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Marbling Comb Video

We have just done our first video!!!  It is designed for beginners in Friendly Plastic and shows how to heat and use the Marbling Comb.  I hope it will also be useful for people who have seen my exhibition demonstration with Friendly Plastic and would like a refresher when they get home.  I hope to make more videos soon with other techniques.  Any comments would be very welcome to give me some feedback.
I am having a bit of trouble linking it to the blog from my home computer - I will give it a go from the shop on Monday.  Meanwhile you can view by following my Facebook link and the link from Facebook.  Or,  alternatively by logging in directly to YouTube - it can be found by searching moltendesigns1.

Saturday, 18 June 2011

Sandown Park Video

As you can see I am experimenting with my blog.  Sorry you have this on twice but I have now discovered, as you can see, how to load the video so that you do not have to go to You Tube (discovered accidentally!!!).  My real aim is to get the videos on the right hand side so that they stay on the front page.  This is because I hope to do more videos soon.  Does anybody know how to load the video into the Gadget boxes???

Block Printing with Friendly Plastics

Friday, 17 June 2011

Video showing Block Printing into Friendly Plastic

Back in January I was filmed  at the Sandown Park show demonstrating how to use the Colouricious Wooden Blocks in Friendly Plastic.
Here is the You Tube Link

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Adding sparkle to Friendly Plastic

This lunchtime, after doing the regular post run, I was coming back through our Indoor Market and spotted the sparkly nail varnish used in Nail Art.  I thought of Friendly Plastic.  So I bought some and experimented.  First of all I covered the back of a ready made pendant - shown on the left.  It really is a nice easy way to make the backs of jewellery prettier. 

Of course it did not stop there, as things never do.  So I started looking at some of the simple jewellery pieces which we sell in our shop and experimented with the Nail Varnish on the front of the Friendly Plastic.  Again it has just added that little bit of glitz.

On the left Friendly Plastic
rubberstamped and the Glitter
Nail Varnish just added to the
stamped area.

On the right Friendly Plastic
pellets, rubber stamped &
highlighted with the nail varnish. The heavier copper metallic is done using foils (face down) onto the warm Friendly Plastic.  (The pellets were coloured with Alcohol Inks)

Lastly a brooch, just highlighted with the varnish.

Just one word of warning - do a test piece first - I have noticed in the past that some cheap clear nail varnishes have removed the metallic foil from the Friendly Plastic.  The better quality ones have been fine.  I did not have that problem with this glitter nail varnish and it only cost me £1.99.

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Summer Crafting - Doncaster Racecourse - July

My next exhibition is in July (Sat & Sun 16th & 17th) at Doncaster Racecourse.  It is organised by Stephanie Weightman (ex of Create & Craft) and this is its 2nd year.  The full details of the Show are on the website  It will be a fabulous show with many of the Create & Craft regulars.  My Stand number is 50a under the name of Molten Designs.  Hope to see many of  you there.

Angelina Fibres

If you are using Angelina Fibres with your Friendly Plastic you might be interested in the packs I have just introduced to my web-site

There are 3 colours in each pack and they are £7 per pack. 

There are 4 different colour variations available:
2 Blue shades with silver
Gold, Bronze & Crystal Aurora
2 Green shades with Crystal Green
Purple, Amethyst & Calypso
(Approx  total of 15gms per pack)

Monday, 6 June 2011


The Masks have arrived!  I have just unpacked the box and loaded the stock onto the internet site.  So I now have in stock the following:
2-eye mask, Full Face Mask, Shaped Full Face Mask, the Long Nosed Masked the new Phantom Mask as shown on the left.  This Phantom mask is the only one in brown.  I have already said that the brown masks are nothing like as smooth as the white papier mache, so the technique of using the Alcohol Inks directly onto the primed mask would be nothing like as good as on the white surface.  You can of course though still use Friendly Plastic on the brown papier mache.  (I should also say that I have had to put a 'handling' fee onto the masks (either 50p or 80p) depending on the mask.  This is because for posting I have to pack them into a box.  If anybody needs to order multiple masks let me know.  For multiple despatches I only need to add one handling charge, but of course the computer sales system will not allow this and it will add 50p for each mask ordered.

One other point to mention is that there are now only 2 Cobra Friendly Plastic strips left in stock!

See my earlier blog (under the label Masks) for examples of some decorated masks, including some decorated with Alcohol Inks and Friendly Plastic combined.  This really is a very quick and economical way to create a mask.

Saturday, 4 June 2011

Write 'n Rub Tonertex Pens and Scrapito

In order to consolidate my range I have decided to discontinue Scrapito (used for card-making with foils and peel-offs) and I have an overstock situation of the Tonertex Write 'n Rub Pens.  I have now reduced the stock by 25%.  They are now on the web-site reduced under their own category, and also show in the Special Offer category.  If anybody belongs to a club and needs a quantity of Write 'n Rub Pens e-mail me  as I can do special prices for quantities of 20 and more.  Tonertex Pens set of 3.

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Friendly Plastic - COBRA & PEWTER

Remember that lovely Black & Silver Snakeskin effect Friendly Plastic?  Well although it is discontinued some has turned up - albeit only 20 strips!!!  (For however long they last!)   It looks as though it is still discontinued, however checks are being made with the manufacturer for a definite answer.  I will let you know as soon as I know.

I have also reintroduced Pewter back into my Friendly Plastic range.  At one time it became very difficult to tell the difference between Pewter and Silver Friendly Plastic.  I have had another look at it and you can now tell that the Pewter Friendly Plastic is darker than the Silver Friendly Plastic - so it is back in the range.

Blank Papier Mache Masks

Now for some good news, particularly if you are one of the people who have been asking me for the Long Nose Blank Mask.  I have managed to resource them and they are on their way to us now.  I have the full face mask, the shaped full face mask as shown below, and the long nose mask all coming in.  The 2 eye mask is already in stock.  All these are in the white papier mache.  When I blogged the finished masks recently I did not dare mention that I thought I had resourced the blanks in case it backfired on me.  I also have a new shape coming in which is a half face mask, like the Phantom of the Opera type.  This mask is in the brown papier machier rather than the white.  Friendly Plastic still works on the brown but I find that the white is a smoother finish (particularly for painting or colouring with Alcohol Inks).  I'll let you know when the box arrives!