Saturday, 15 January 2011

Friendly Plastic - Discontinued News

Whilst I have already e-mailed this info I thought it was as well going onto the blog.
Cobra (the black and silver snakeskin effect) has been discontinued as well as Royal Blue.  I do have some Royal Blue left.  However the Royal Blue Friendly Plastic has been tagged on the wrong side, and, when the tag is removed it does take some of the metallic foil away.  To compensate for this I will include an extra small piece of Royal Blue so that you do not loose out.

I have also been told that Mother of Pearl Pink is also in doubt - but that is not yet confirmed.

On a more positive note the new colours introduced earlier this year (Citron, Spanish Copper and Stormy Blue) are all doing well.  The Citron is the most popular and one of my favourites.   

Whilst this is not a new colour I have just introduced this Red Rainbow to my stock colours as it is quite dramatic.

Friendly Plastic Pellets

Some good news for once!  I have been able to reduce the price of the Friendly Plastic Pellets (1oz - 30gm) bags to £2.70.  I have also now introduced a 4oz (120gm) bag which is £10.25. 
The mask on the left has been made using Friendly Plastic pellets which have been rubber stamped to give the texture.  The Friendly Plastic and mask have then been coloured using Alcohol Inks.

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Friendly Plastic Artwork

This piece of Artwork using Friendly Plastic was created by Christel.  Christel works for us in the shop and also comes to some exhibitions with me.  The piece has now been mounted and framed and makes a stunning Friendly Plastic picture.

This abstract piece of Friendly Plastic was created  using a lot a scrap pieces by layering them.


It seems impossible but the Exhibitions are starting again - where did the time go?  I start off with Sandown Park next week (20th-22nd Jan).  What is different is that there is no Sunday at Sandown Park this year.  The next week (27th-29th Jan) I am off to Exeter.  I have only been able to do this show once before as on other years the dates have clashed with Sandown, so I am looking forward to being able to do it again.  Come and see me on the stand.  Now I have this blog I will be able to take some exhibition photos and post them on my return.

Monday, 10 January 2011

Customers Work

More brilliant ideas with Friendly Plastic - including work from 2 beginners.  It just goes to prove you don't have to be experienced to work with Friendly Plastic.

These are Hilda's first trials with Friendly Plastic.  She has also used the oozing technique and made the hearts double reversible.

Bob bought Friendly Plastic for his wife for Christmas.  Unfortunately she has been ill and has not been able to use it - but he has - he has made these for his wife.

Again submitted by Bob - these earings are very good for a beginner in Friendly Plastic - I am very impressed!

Again submitted by Bob.  (Perhaps I had better get my husband working with Friendly Plastic!)

Karine of Bijouxartcreation is based in France and does some lovely jewellery pieces which I have seen before on her web-site.  She has kindly allowed me to show some of her work here.

Another example of Karine's work

Again from Karine.

Thanks again for these photos.  Hope they will provide lots of Friendly Plastic inspiration.

Saturday, 8 January 2011

Customers Work

Thanks to Pauline Hampson for sending in this photo - Its friendly plastic ooozed though a mat of glitterati (Stewart Gill) fibres and cut out with a cutter.

Friendly Plastic can also be oozed through Sequin Waste and Angelina Fibres. 

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Gallery - Customers' Work

I couldn't resist this lovely brooch.  Sorry the photo is a little blured but I think this idea is worth you seeing with these quirky little houses.


This was spotted on a exhibition last year (I am pretty sure it was Dublin).

See at an exhibition at the end of 2010

Gallery - Customers' Work

From Annette Cox showing an example of using the Marbling Comb

Again from Annette.  A very pretty pendant using the Needle Tool to get a more abstract effect.

Very simple effective idea using a minimum of marking with the Needle Tool on the Friendly Plastic.  Again from Annette.


Let me introduce you to my special little girl (not that I am biased).  Her name is Milly and she will be 5 next month.  We have only had her for a year as she came to us from Birman rescue (having previously had 2 Birman brothers I did want another Birman).  It was not that she had been mistreated - but the breeder could no longer breed from her and I think she now has a much happier & normal life with us.  She has the most fantastic friendly personality - goodness knows what I will do if somebody visits us who does not like cats!
Welcome to my new blog!!

Hope you can bear with me while I go through the learning curve!  No doubt there will be a few mistakes/mishaps but I know you will be patient with me - but please feel free to add your own comments and suggestions - all will be welcome.

I am hoping to keep you informed through my blog on new items and ideas.  I will also be posting photos of customers work when I see you on the exhibitions.  So please feel free to bring your Friendly Plastic items to the shows and let me photo them - I have a few saved from 2010 already so I will add those in the next few days.  I will also try and give you a little insight into life 'behind the exhibitions' with a few photos and stories.  And, very importantly you will find from time to time photos of my cat appearing - I think I will try my first post now and start with her.