Monday, 10 January 2011

Customers Work

More brilliant ideas with Friendly Plastic - including work from 2 beginners.  It just goes to prove you don't have to be experienced to work with Friendly Plastic.

These are Hilda's first trials with Friendly Plastic.  She has also used the oozing technique and made the hearts double reversible.

Bob bought Friendly Plastic for his wife for Christmas.  Unfortunately she has been ill and has not been able to use it - but he has - he has made these for his wife.

Again submitted by Bob - these earings are very good for a beginner in Friendly Plastic - I am very impressed!

Again submitted by Bob.  (Perhaps I had better get my husband working with Friendly Plastic!)

Karine of Bijouxartcreation is based in France and does some lovely jewellery pieces which I have seen before on her web-site.  She has kindly allowed me to show some of her work here.

Another example of Karine's work

Again from Karine.

Thanks again for these photos.  Hope they will provide lots of Friendly Plastic inspiration.

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