Thursday, 5 April 2012

3D Dimensional Medium for Mixed Media

I have only recently taken on, and been working with this product and I love it.  It is a 3 Dimensional Medium which when heated with the heat gun expands to produce brilliant 3D texture.  The sample photos show it 'splodged' at random onto Lutradur and then heated to cause the 3D and also distress the Lutradur.  I have then heated some Friendly Plastic and pushed the Lutradur into it - and it gives the impression that the Friendly Plastic has 'splashed' onto the surface (the Burnt Orange at the top left and the Deep Red at the bottom right of the top photo).

I coloured the piece after I had heated the 3D Medium on the Lutradur, using Shimmer Sprays (which I will be taking into stock in due course).  I then highlighted the 3D Medium with the Multi Surface Paints.  By the way if you want to build up very thick layers it is a good idea to build up several thin layers - heating between each layer.  It can also be stitched 24 hours after curing and also hand washed.  (Instructions are on the side of the pot)

I am currently working with the 3D Medium directly onto a canvas (the box canvas type).  When it is finished I will post the photo for you to see (but I cannot say how long that will be!!!)  And, by the way, it is not just restricted to fabrics/canvas it also works well on paper and card, and through stencils if you want a regular image.

Friendly Plastic with Cloud Clay

I made this Ball Pendant recently (during the last run of exhibitions) and the same practice would work equally well for beads.  The centre of the pendant is Cloud Clay which I have then painted with the Multi-Surface Paints.  Cloud Clay works particularly well for the centres of beads/pendants because even when it has hardened over 24 hours it is still very easy to push a hole through it.  I then heated some small strips of Friendly Plastic onto the ball and as it softened it took the shape of the ball.  Finally I added a few strips of peel-offs to add a little sparkle!  The ball was completed by adding an bead end cap top and bottom to push the pin though and make the hanging loop.  I have just realised that these would make very striking and economical Christmas Tree Decorations - I think I will now make some more to hang around the fascia of my Exhibitions Stand!