Saturday, 25 February 2012

Molten Designs at Malden, Essex

This show has moved about a little - from originally Excel, to Braintree last year and then Malden this year.  I did wonder at first where I was going when I arrived to set up the show on the Wednesday (it seemed to be in the middle of nowhere) and on arriving things did not get better.  I was greeted by the Electrician saying he had not been able to do my socket because he could not find my stand - and neither could I!!!  However we did not panic and the problem was sorted out - but apologies to those who tried to find me on the invisible stand E06.

However my initial fears were quickly dispelled - what a busy show it was.  Thursday was a little on the quiet side but the Friday and Saturday were very busy.  Many people had not visited a retail craft/stitching show before and absolutely loved it.  I know there were a few parking problems with it being so busy, but I have every confidence the organisers will pay attention to this problem for next year.

One of the highlights of the exhibition for me was when one of my regular customers visited me and brought some of her work to show me.  I was overwhelmed by it and here are a couple of photos.  Many thanks for bringing in your work Jacqui.  Jacqui's mixed media work, incorporating Friendly Plastic, is superb.  She does undertake commissions, at I might add a very reasonable cost.  If anybody would like a commission let me know and I will put in contact with her.

Mixed Media work by Jacqui Mansfield incorporating Friendly Plastic and other mediums

Over the course of the exhibition 3 of us took the opportunity to say with friends (from the exhibition world) as they only lived about half an hour away.  Many thanks to them for their hospitality and relaxing evenings - good food and wine was enjoyed by all.  On the Friday evening of the show as were driving back I could not help myself saying 'stop the van' so I could take the following photo of a beautiful sunset over the reservoir.

Finally when the exhibition closed on the Saturday night the 3 of use drove to Coventry (not quite in convoy) where we stayed the night before visiting the Stitches Trade Show as visitors on the Sunday at the NEC.  From a lovely sunset on Friday to a very cold iced morning on the Sunday.  I could not resist trying to capture the pretty ice patterns on my van windscreen.

Friday, 24 February 2012

Friendly Plastic on MDF

As you can no doubt tell I have a weekend off this week, so its time to do some more blog posts.  Here is a new idea for Friendly Plastic - there seems to be no end for its different and varied uses.

The three photos above are made using the MDF Blanks which have been painted with Multi-Surface Paints, Friendly Plastic and Stella Flash.The MDF was painted first. 

 On the Tub the Friendly Plastic was added to the edge of the tub and the 'snakes-skin' effect comes from ribbon (coloured with the silver paint) laid onto the warm plastic and finished at the front with the Friendly Plastic flowers. The rippled shiny finish on the front is Glossy Accents.

The letters were done the same way by painting and adding Friendly Plastic, in this case rubber stamped to add texture.  The Friendly Plastic was also painted to co-ordinate with the background and in the case of 'Dream' Friendly Plastic Butterflies were added using the Butterfly Cutters.
Unfortunately the photos do not show the 'sparkle' very well - this was where we used the Stella Flash.

Hope you like them.

Molten Designs at Bluewater

Just a couple of photos I took recently at the exhibition in Bluewater - used my new camera courtesy of Santa Claus.  It gives you some idea of what I now have on the stand (the untidy bit at the bottom left of the bottom photo is my demonstration area - this was at the beginning of the show.  You should have seen it at the end - I will never be a tidy worker!).  What I loved about this stand was the new black background - so much better than the previous dull grey.

Just about to start a hectic run now with 4 weekends on the trot - Malvern, Glasgow, Olympia and the NEC.  Just a reminder that at Glasgow and the NEC I am in the Creative Stitches Halls (not the Hobbycrafts Halls).  At Olympia I am on the ground floor.  Come and see me.