Thursday, 25 August 2011

Special Bank Holiday Promotion

I have a special August Bank Holiday promotion running on the web-site until Monday 29th.  It will finish on Monday night (albeit in reality I will not be able to change it until I come in on Tuesday morning).  I've got Monday off next week!!  You will see discounts across many of the ranges, including Friendly Plastic and Greeting Cards, together with many of the mixed media items.

Now to let you know a little of what I think is good news.  Whilst I have had many appreciative comments about our web-site I am aware that now the ordering system is rather outdated and can be labourious.  I am now having the web-site updated and the whole ordering system will be much quicker and slicker.  They anticipate it will take them 2-3 weeks, but I will have to be careful not to clash with an exhibition when it goes live.  However it should be up and running by mid-late October.  I dare not leave the husband 'home alone' with a new web-site launch!!!

Hope everybody is well and enjoying Friendly Plastic.  My next exhibition is next week when it is Manchester - now at Event City, Trafford Park instead of G-Mex.  I will of course have the Friendly Plastic strips and pellets there, together with the new multi-surface paints and the Kunin felt.  Come and see me!

Saturday, 20 August 2011

Kunin Felt

I have now loaded the Kunin Felt on the web-site.  There are 22 different plain colours together + glitter felt, embossed felt and an Alligator finish in Black.  Kunin Felt is the one that as well as being stitched into can also be burnt with a heat gun so that it forms holes, this makes it ideal for Mixed Media work.  I had this on the stand at Festival of Quilts the other week-end and it was extremely popular.

Crafts 4 All - Bristol - 8th-9th Sept

I have noticed that I am listed on the exhibitors list for the show at Bristol in a couple of weeks time.  Sorry, but I am not doing that particular exhibition.  My listing as an exhibitor has been a genuine error and the fact that I will not be there is no reflection on the Show.  I have had to leave that weekend free for other committments (I am currently working with our web-people on a web-site upgrade which will make the ordering process much quicker and easier).  Apologies to anybody who thought I would be there - the next closest I am will be Cardiff on 29th Sept - 1st Oct.

Thursday, 18 August 2011

NEC Quilt

This beautiful book was created by Lisa Millward, a Textile Artist and she kindly brought it as a gift to me at the Quilt Exhibition.  It really is gorgeous, with loads of different techniques, and too nice to use!  Not only that she also brought me a cup of tea to the stand - it can't get better than that!

Lisa does undertake commissions so if you need something special I can always put you in contact with her.

Monday, 15 August 2011

Quilt Show at the NEC

A thank you to all my customers who visited me at The Festival of Quilts.  I met some lovely people - and an extra thanks to the many who travelled from abroad to visit the show.  What a fabulous show it is.  For those of you who were not able to visit the Show here are some photos of just a few of the things which took my eye + a photo of my stand of course!
Obviously my Stand on the left.  We did have some confusion with my Stand No, but by the 2nd day the people on my original stand were very good at sending people round to me.

The ammonite quilt on the right was about 4-5' tall.

Above obviously one of the winners on the left and on the right just a section of a quilt - I saw this just as I was ready for a cup of tea myself!

I love the quilt on the left for its colour mix, and well what can I say about the Sinatra Quilt.  How talented somebody is to create this in fabric - and this was actually 1 of a set of 3 (I have posted another photo on facebook of the other 2).

Well back to getting for the next exhibition - 1st-3rd September at Trafford Park (this is the replacement for G-Mex in Manchester so it will be a new venue for us all).

Friday, 5 August 2011

Friendly Plastic 101 Project Book

The goods news is that The Friendly Plastic 101 Project Book has arrived.  Whilst it has been reprinted with a new cover the book has the same projects as previously.  This book is brilliant for ideas and it is very easy to follow because it has so many photographs, including work in progress photos.  Even better news is that the price has been reduced from £14.50 and it is now £12.  I will have stocks with me at the Quilt Show next week.

                         Some of the ideas which
                         are illustrated in the book

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Quilt Show at the NEC

Next week is the NEC Quilt Show (11th-14th August) which I am sure will be, as usual, a very busy show.  My stand no there is E15 (which is different to last year).  I will of course have the Friendly Plastic strips and pellets with me and I will be launching Kunin Felt (the one that burns) on my stand.  You will also be able to see some of the new displays for this new season.  (Not sure how many with the felt as the stocks don't arrive until today).  Hope to see you at the NEC.

Facebook Store

I am trialling a new store on Facebook which is now open.  At the moment I have a limited range in the Store - I am trying to determine the ins and outs of its workings before I add more items.  The postage on the Store is £2.50 no matter how much or how little you order so that makes it all quite simple.  Payment is by Paypal.  Would welcome any input anybody may have.