Saturday, 26 February 2011

New Ideas

While I was at Braintree last weekend the stand opposite were making felt beads.  I "borrowed" one and covered it with Friendly Plastic in a random fashion which allowed the colour of the felt bead to show through the Friendly Plastic.  No problem in making the hole in the bead as the core is obviously felt.

Sorry for the quality of the photo on this one but I hope it gives you the idea.

Cloud Clay

Some of you may have seen Liz's ideas with Cloud Clay - she really does keep coming up with those good ideas.  I saw her last weekend at the NEC Trade Show and saw the Cloud Clay.  I am sure I am going to be asked for it - so I now have it in stock (in the shop under Friendly Plastic Accessories).

So far I have made my bases as you can see in the photo so I have just got to cover them with Friendly Plastic.  I can't see me doing it before
      Glasgow as I leave on Tuesday for the SECC.  I will take them with me
do them at the Show.  When they are done I will photo them and add them to the blog.

I am hope to have other new products for Glasgow too - mostly for mixed  media work - and other new lines to arrive at the end of April - its all very exciting!

Saturday, 12 February 2011

Friendly Plastic with Mixed Media

Of the new friendly plastic samples that have been added to the stand this one has attracted the most attention.  I have had several requests to include it on the blog.  It was made with a view to making into a wall collage.  I cannot claim to have created this piece - it was made by Alison (who helps me in Exeter, Dublin and Harrogate).  Firstly she created the Friendly Plastic grid, allowed it to go cold and then wove in  the miscellaneous threads and fibres.  I have started to sell these fibre packs on the exhibitions - I will try to add them to the web-site in due course.  (I just need to work out  how to get some standardisation as at the moment they are all different).

General News at Exhibitions


Well the first three Shows of 2011 are completed - Sandown Park, Exeter and Manchester.  Sandown Park came as a bit of a shock - after a break I found myself standing there thinking how do I put the stand up!

Here we have the before and after Sandown Park photos.  It really was a case of where do I start!  Its a good job its only a small stand.

Sandown was a reasonable start to the season but I did have the feeling that several people would arrive on the Sunday morning.  This was the first year the show ran from Thursday to Saturday.  However it was nice for us to finish on a Saturday night and have Sunday clear.  And, how much quieter that drive back is on a Saturday compared to a Sunday.

Exeter came next, which was good, albeit very cold - as I know customers will agree.  Its the first time I have worked on a stand in a coat all day.  The show got warmer as time went on and by Saturday it was fine.  Exeter really is such a nice show to do - easy to set up etc and again with a Saturday drive back it was a dream.  It was nice to be back at this January show again - I have only been able to do it once before as the dates have clashed.  Unfortunately it looks like a date clash again next year - so I will just have to wait and see.

 Then of course last weekend was Manchester.  This is the last time at Manchester Central (more commonly known by its old name of G-Mex.  For the future the Manchester Shows are being transferred to Trafford Park (starting with the Autumn one 2011).   It is a venue I will not miss (the venue really did try to make it as difficult as possible to work there).  I will however miss Manchester itself - particularly my visits to China Town!

And how about this for a Staircase!  It is in the Britannia Hotel in Manchester and this is looking down from the 4th floor.  (You may have seen it in Michael Portillo's Railway TV Programme).  It really is an impressive sight.

Thought while I was at G-Mex for the last time I ought to record it with a photo.
I think I took this one on the Sunday morning.  Sometimes its difficult to believe that this Venue was once a railway station.

Well I have this weekend off - hence the catch up on the blog.  Next week I have a new venue to try - Braintree in Essex - which is replacing the Excel Show.  I am even able to stay with friends this weekend which will be lovely.

Customers Works

 Thanks Pauline for sending this example of using Friendly Plastic in a mould.

 Kate Gatti has sent this photo of a Friendly Plastic Heart.  Unfortunately I missed Kate when she came around Manchester Central - I was demonstrating at the time.

Kate has used a combination of Friendly Plastic, accent beads and swarovski crystals to create this pretty pendant.

 These last 3 examples are from Sam.  She did send them to me last month but I had problems getting the photos onto my system.  This computer thing is definately a learning curve!

This first example shows Friendly Plastic, stamped with an image and incorporating fabrics.

Here is something different from Sam.  The Friendly Plastic has been used to decorate the books.  I often have a sample of a book on the shows - again enhanced with Friendly Plastic.  They make a lovely gift.
Sam has created the patchwork brooch and key ring with Friendly Plastic.  As far as the brooch is concerned if you work on Teflon Sheet you can bend the teflon when it is still warm to shape your Friendly Plastic.  Don't forget if you are making a key ring - make it reversible.  If you make 2 pieces of Friendly Plastic - make sure they are the same size - and then heat the backing to fuse the backs together.

See Sam's own blog for more of her Friendly Plastic creations

Customers Work

 These 2 examples are 2 more from Bob.  It appears he really does have the Friendly Plastic bug!.

Bob has created these 2 sets by doing the Friendly Plastic on a Griddle and when cold he has glazed the Friendly Plastic with 3D Crystal Lacquer from Sakura

Whilst as you know I use a heat gun for the Friendly Plastic the Americans do us a griddle to heat it.  Bob has more information on this on his blog together with more photos of his creations.  You can see his Friendly Plastic examples on