Saturday, 26 February 2011

Cloud Clay

Some of you may have seen Liz's ideas with Cloud Clay - she really does keep coming up with those good ideas.  I saw her last weekend at the NEC Trade Show and saw the Cloud Clay.  I am sure I am going to be asked for it - so I now have it in stock (in the shop under Friendly Plastic Accessories).

So far I have made my bases as you can see in the photo so I have just got to cover them with Friendly Plastic.  I can't see me doing it before
      Glasgow as I leave on Tuesday for the SECC.  I will take them with me
do them at the Show.  When they are done I will photo them and add them to the blog.

I am hope to have other new products for Glasgow too - mostly for mixed  media work - and other new lines to arrive at the end of April - its all very exciting!

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