Saturday, 12 February 2011

Friendly Plastic with Mixed Media

Of the new friendly plastic samples that have been added to the stand this one has attracted the most attention.  I have had several requests to include it on the blog.  It was made with a view to making into a wall collage.  I cannot claim to have created this piece - it was made by Alison (who helps me in Exeter, Dublin and Harrogate).  Firstly she created the Friendly Plastic grid, allowed it to go cold and then wove in  the miscellaneous threads and fibres.  I have started to sell these fibre packs on the exhibitions - I will try to add them to the web-site in due course.  (I just need to work out  how to get some standardisation as at the moment they are all different).

1 comment:

  1. Yes I agree, I have to say this is the very piece that caught my eye when I saw you at Harrogate Knit & Stitch Show, it's fabulous, well done Alison xxxx

    I did go home and make my own version which you can see on my blog here