Saturday, 12 February 2011

Customers Works

 Thanks Pauline for sending this example of using Friendly Plastic in a mould.

 Kate Gatti has sent this photo of a Friendly Plastic Heart.  Unfortunately I missed Kate when she came around Manchester Central - I was demonstrating at the time.

Kate has used a combination of Friendly Plastic, accent beads and swarovski crystals to create this pretty pendant.

 These last 3 examples are from Sam.  She did send them to me last month but I had problems getting the photos onto my system.  This computer thing is definately a learning curve!

This first example shows Friendly Plastic, stamped with an image and incorporating fabrics.

Here is something different from Sam.  The Friendly Plastic has been used to decorate the books.  I often have a sample of a book on the shows - again enhanced with Friendly Plastic.  They make a lovely gift.
Sam has created the patchwork brooch and key ring with Friendly Plastic.  As far as the brooch is concerned if you work on Teflon Sheet you can bend the teflon when it is still warm to shape your Friendly Plastic.  Don't forget if you are making a key ring - make it reversible.  If you make 2 pieces of Friendly Plastic - make sure they are the same size - and then heat the backing to fuse the backs together.

See Sam's own blog for more of her Friendly Plastic creations

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