Thursday, 5 April 2012

Friendly Plastic with Cloud Clay

I made this Ball Pendant recently (during the last run of exhibitions) and the same practice would work equally well for beads.  The centre of the pendant is Cloud Clay which I have then painted with the Multi-Surface Paints.  Cloud Clay works particularly well for the centres of beads/pendants because even when it has hardened over 24 hours it is still very easy to push a hole through it.  I then heated some small strips of Friendly Plastic onto the ball and as it softened it took the shape of the ball.  Finally I added a few strips of peel-offs to add a little sparkle!  The ball was completed by adding an bead end cap top and bottom to push the pin though and make the hanging loop.  I have just realised that these would make very striking and economical Christmas Tree Decorations - I think I will now make some more to hang around the fascia of my Exhibitions Stand!

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