Saturday, 15 January 2011

Friendly Plastic - Discontinued News

Whilst I have already e-mailed this info I thought it was as well going onto the blog.
Cobra (the black and silver snakeskin effect) has been discontinued as well as Royal Blue.  I do have some Royal Blue left.  However the Royal Blue Friendly Plastic has been tagged on the wrong side, and, when the tag is removed it does take some of the metallic foil away.  To compensate for this I will include an extra small piece of Royal Blue so that you do not loose out.

I have also been told that Mother of Pearl Pink is also in doubt - but that is not yet confirmed.

On a more positive note the new colours introduced earlier this year (Citron, Spanish Copper and Stormy Blue) are all doing well.  The Citron is the most popular and one of my favourites.   

Whilst this is not a new colour I have just introduced this Red Rainbow to my stock colours as it is quite dramatic.

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