Thursday, 9 June 2011

Adding sparkle to Friendly Plastic

This lunchtime, after doing the regular post run, I was coming back through our Indoor Market and spotted the sparkly nail varnish used in Nail Art.  I thought of Friendly Plastic.  So I bought some and experimented.  First of all I covered the back of a ready made pendant - shown on the left.  It really is a nice easy way to make the backs of jewellery prettier. 

Of course it did not stop there, as things never do.  So I started looking at some of the simple jewellery pieces which we sell in our shop and experimented with the Nail Varnish on the front of the Friendly Plastic.  Again it has just added that little bit of glitz.

On the left Friendly Plastic
rubberstamped and the Glitter
Nail Varnish just added to the
stamped area.

On the right Friendly Plastic
pellets, rubber stamped &
highlighted with the nail varnish. The heavier copper metallic is done using foils (face down) onto the warm Friendly Plastic.  (The pellets were coloured with Alcohol Inks)

Lastly a brooch, just highlighted with the varnish.

Just one word of warning - do a test piece first - I have noticed in the past that some cheap clear nail varnishes have removed the metallic foil from the Friendly Plastic.  The better quality ones have been fine.  I did not have that problem with this glitter nail varnish and it only cost me £1.99.

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