Monday, 6 June 2011


The Masks have arrived!  I have just unpacked the box and loaded the stock onto the internet site.  So I now have in stock the following:
2-eye mask, Full Face Mask, Shaped Full Face Mask, the Long Nosed Masked the new Phantom Mask as shown on the left.  This Phantom mask is the only one in brown.  I have already said that the brown masks are nothing like as smooth as the white papier mache, so the technique of using the Alcohol Inks directly onto the primed mask would be nothing like as good as on the white surface.  You can of course though still use Friendly Plastic on the brown papier mache.  (I should also say that I have had to put a 'handling' fee onto the masks (either 50p or 80p) depending on the mask.  This is because for posting I have to pack them into a box.  If anybody needs to order multiple masks let me know.  For multiple despatches I only need to add one handling charge, but of course the computer sales system will not allow this and it will add 50p for each mask ordered.

One other point to mention is that there are now only 2 Cobra Friendly Plastic strips left in stock!

See my earlier blog (under the label Masks) for examples of some decorated masks, including some decorated with Alcohol Inks and Friendly Plastic combined.  This really is a very quick and economical way to create a mask.

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