Thursday, 2 June 2011

Blank Papier Mache Masks

Now for some good news, particularly if you are one of the people who have been asking me for the Long Nose Blank Mask.  I have managed to resource them and they are on their way to us now.  I have the full face mask, the shaped full face mask as shown below, and the long nose mask all coming in.  The 2 eye mask is already in stock.  All these are in the white papier mache.  When I blogged the finished masks recently I did not dare mention that I thought I had resourced the blanks in case it backfired on me.  I also have a new shape coming in which is a half face mask, like the Phantom of the Opera type.  This mask is in the brown papier machier rather than the white.  Friendly Plastic still works on the brown but I find that the white is a smoother finish (particularly for painting or colouring with Alcohol Inks).  I'll let you know when the box arrives!

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