Saturday, 28 July 2012


Now, this has nothing at all to do with Friendly Plastic but on my website I sell a beautiful range of Moorcroft Greeting Cards.  These are well worth a look if you have not seen them before.  I first came across them when I had several different customers bring them into our Framing Shop in Hanley for framing.  At that time I was also selling frames on the exhibitions and I already had a range of Clarice Cliff cards, which I still sell.  The Moorcroft Cards were the perfect addition to that range. All the designs are taken from Moorcroft designs and are reproduced with their permission.  All the cards (exc the Christmas cards) are blank inside so they can cover most occasions - it always useful to have some spare ones and you will never be 'caught out'!  I also now sell the Moorcroft Cards ready mounted so that you can frame them yourself into a standard sized (10x8") frame of your own choice.  This is of course also easier than trying to post a glazed frame successfully.  Each year new releases are issued and I now have the 2012 release into stock.  There are 8 different images in the range and I sell them as a set of 8 and individually:-
Moorcroft set of 8 2012 Release

Moorcroft Christmas Cards

Have a look for yourself at the cards on the website - I am sure you will be impressed.  Unfortunately the photography does not convey the quality of the cards, neither does it show the embossing on the cards.  What I can say however is that customers are always saying to me "I bought some but they are too nice to send"!!!

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  1. Really stunning idea...really appreciating and useful for my own plastic card printing...keep it up..!!!!!!!