Friday, 29 June 2012


This has nothing to do with Friendly Plastic but following on from my earlier blog about sequin waste I thought I had better have a go at making an Olympic Torch myself.  Here you have my interpretations of the Olympic Torch using Gold Sequin Waste.  Which one do you prefer?  I will let you into a little secret here - one was made by me and the other by my husband - depending on which one you prefer this could result in a domestic!!

The Olympic Torch on the left was made using a gold cardboard tube.  Cut a vertical slit at one end (only part way up) so it can be overlapped to form a slight cone.  It was then covered with the sequin waste.  I think you could use any colour tube here - but I would paint a brown one.  I think black could work quite well as it would show up the holes in the sequin waste well.

The Olympic Torch on the right was made using a stiff clear acetate.  Now it is much easier to cover the acetate with the sequin waste before you make the cone - as you are obviously covering a flat surface.  We used sellotape to attach it.  The cone shape was then formed and fixed using sellotape and then the acetate was creased at the top to make it more like the actual Olympic Torch.

In both cases I used pieces of net/chiffon to make the flame for the Olympic Torch (the Torch on the right could do with a little more flame!).  However if necessary Sainsburys carrier bags are the right colour!!

Make your own interpretation of the Olympic Torch using Gold Sequin Waste - click this link to take you directly to my webside:  5 metres Gold Sequin Waste

Don't forget to let me know which Olympic Torch you prefer.

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