Thursday, 4 October 2012

Bluewater & Manchester Exhibitions

Back at base again after a very busy 4 days in Exeter and as there is no exhibition this week I have some free time, inbetween getting ready for Alexandra Palace next week, to add more info to my blog.  It is true to say that the 2 exhibitions were very close together which really did not help us.  However it was rather nice to be staying in the centre of Manchester - it really is such a lovely city centre - and I am always amazed at the staircase at the Britannia Hotel.  It is usually possible to get quite a good deal there and the staircase just keeps on going up and up - more so that the picture shows.  Then farther down the road something I had never seen before - a building with scaffolding up, but the scaffolding is covered with a large tarpaulin (well I assume it is a tarpaulin type material) with a picture of the building on the outside.  You really do not notice it at first.


The second Manchester exhibition was Event City at Trafford Park so it was time to rent a flat at Media City for a really good price!!  It turned out we were in an apartment block next to the new BBC Buildings.  We have discovered over the years that if I take a small trolley out of the van we can move our food (and wine!) all in one go - I don't think the receptionist had seen anything like it before!!  The only problem was that having loaded the food and drink trolley into the lift, that said lift took off on its own with us chasing close behind in the 2nd lift!!

Salford Quays at night

Part of the redevelopment in Salford - Media City - taken from the apartment

Because we went to Bluewater a day early there was a little time after we had set up the stands to go exploring in the area, so we went to have a look at Rochester.  If you have not been Rochester does have a very old and interesting centre, and we were lucky that the sun was shining.

Well its been there for donkey's years so it must be safe!


Enjoying a well earned drink!!!


  1. I just had to comment Gill, it is Margaret here, from the old show days. It was good to catch up with you,Alison and Neil in Leeds. Have had a go with my friendly plastic, yes at last but given up, seem to be not getting it right either over heated or under, will try again I promise, maybe even have something to show you in november at the K & S
    You are quite a blog writer, some amusing bits here , will look again and see what is happening, trust you, keep your eye on the wine in future, can just see you all chasing after it, could only happen to you lot!!