Friday, 25 May 2012

Friendly Plastic & Sequin Waste


Having been out of stock of some colours of Sequin Waste for some time I have changed suppliers.  They are now back in stock with new colours available - such as Holographic Black and a lovely Metallic Purple.

Follow the link above to see the new colours - priced from 60p per metre (just click on the product heading on the website to see the quantity discounts.

When used with Friendly Plastic lovely effects can be achieved for either card-marking or jewellery.  Very easy to achieve - just warm the Friendly Plastic, then lay a piece of sequin waste on the top.  Push in a metal cutter (this acts as a template) and the lift them and push from underneath so that the plastic goes through the holes of the sequin waste.  It will also 'dome' the piece at the same time.  It is best to work on tin foil as this is flexible enough to give way when you push up - it also helps to protect the thumbs!!!  Just one last thing - leave the cutter in until it has gone completely cold.  You can then safely remove the cutter.  You will need to trim around with scissors as the cutter will not cut through the sequin waste.  Have fun!!

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