Thursday, 24 May 2012

Friendly Plastic Art Deco Brooch

When I was at Brighton the other week-end I saw that I had quite a few triangular scraps in my box and decided it was time I did something with them.  I thought a brooch would be a nice idea, which you can see below.
Having made it I used what I believe to be the most secure way to add the brooch back.  I softened a scrap piece of Friendly Plastic and pushed the brooch fastening well into it, and then left it to go totally cold.  When cold I just flashed the back of the brooch and the back of the piece with the fitting on, with the heat gun.  You will see the black go glossy and that is sufficient.  Then just put the back of the brooch to the back of the fitting and job done - the Friendly Plastic will fuse together making a permanent bond.  Have a look through your scrap box and see what you can make from your waste.

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  1. Great broach, thanks for the fixing tip. Hugs lin