Tuesday, 26 July 2011

More cubes in Friendly Plastic

2 more cube ideas with Friendly Plastic.  Both of these have been made with the Friendly Plastic Pellets.  On the one on the left we have used the Karantha Silicone mould and then coloured with the Multi-surface Paint.  The one on the right has been made to size using the metal cutters.  The texture comes from pushing in plastic canvas and leaving it in and the again using the Multi Surface Paints.  If you need to know how to make cubes go to the Video Label (bottom right), click on it and view the video titled Fusing & Layering Friendly Plastic.  These are some of the new items which will be on display at the exhibitions in the Autumn.
By the way I have now added 5 more colours of Multi-Surface Paints because I have had such a good reaction to them.   The new colours are: White, Russet Red, Emerald Green, Royal Purple and Mid Blue.

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