Monday, 11 July 2011

Charlotte & Friendly Plastic

On Saturday we had a visit at the shop from my Stepson with his daughter, Charlotte.  Quite often when she comes to the shop I am at an exhibition or my Friendly Plastic is boxed ready for a show.  So, she has never seen Friendly Plastic before.  She had a look on the computer at the videos we have just done as was obviously interested. 

I asked her if she wanted a go and there was no hesitation.   Having only seen the video she firstly used the marbling comb and we made that into a pendant.  She had her eyes on one of the abstracts and wanted to try that.  Here is her abstract (she then persuaded her Grandad to frame it!).  We all think it is brilliant for only a 2nd attempt (she did all the layout herself).  But, we do have a dispute on which way to hang it so I have shown it both ways up.  After that came a brooch and then another pendant!  Needless to say she went away with an early birthday present!

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