Thursday, 21 July 2011

Bowl made with Friendly Plastic Pellets

Whilst this bowl was made a couple of weeks ago we have only just had chance to colour it!  It is approx 6" in diameter and as a guideline used about 100 gms of Friendly Plastic Pellets - though we did make it quite thick and the pellets could be rolled thinner.

The pellets were melted in hot water and rolled flat on the Teflon (with a teflon sheet over the top).  We deliberately left the ones around the top of the bowl only partly heated to give a 'bobbled' effect.  The piece was pressed into a large cereal bowl and then rubber stamped to give the texture.  When it was cold it was then coloured with Multi Surface Paints in 2 colours - Peacock and Copper.

Hope you like it!!

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