Thursday, 21 July 2011

Friendly Plastic Pellets

The good news is that there is a price reduction on the Friendly Plastic Pellets - together with new sized packets - 50gms, 100 gms and 200 gms.  This is effective immediately.  Friendly Plastic Pellets are brilliant for moulding with (see the previous post with the bowl) and because you colour them yourself  you are not restricted to set colours, and can mix the colours as you want.

This piece is about 2" in size and the pellets were heated (you can do them easily in hot water).  They were then rolled flat between 2 Teflon sheets and rubberstamped.  When cold they were painted with Colourful Thoughts Multi-Surface Paints using Peacock and Copper.  These paints can also be used on scrap plastic and on the black backing of the strips.  They are quite dense in colour and have a very good coverage.

These pieces are coloured using Alcohol Inks.  You can add the ink to the warm plastic and mix it in and you almost get a matt stone effect.  If you colour the Pellets when they go cold (this is the more popular method) you get more of a gleam with the colour.

This piece is part of a card embellishment, actually done some time ago.  Again it is made of pellets, rubber stamped and coloured with the Alcohol Inks.   When it had been coloured it was then reheated and foil laid lightly on the top, allowed to cool, and then removed.  This just adds a bit of 'glitz' and is a nice technique for jewellery pieces.

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