Monday, 18 April 2011

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 All these Photos are from the exhibition at the NEC.  Again I can only apologise to customers at Glasgow, Malvern & Olympia where the photos 'disappeared' from my phone.  Hopefully I have got it right now!!   And, as you can see I have worked out how to download them onto the computer - I must be getting better.

I spotted this brooch on a customer at the NEC.  She had been given it as a present many years ago and was amazed to find it was Friendly Plastic.  The easiest way to do these shaped pieces is to work on a piece of flexible Teflon Sheet as you can bend the sheet to whatever shape you want.  Let the Friendly Plastic go cold in the position formed and it will keep that shape for the future.
This pretty Butterfly brooch was made by Lizi.
Sorry for the quality of the photo Lizi - I obviously
had the shakes at the time!  However I think
you can see how pretty it was.
This lovely pendant was made by Bernice Griffiths, again spotted at the NEC.

It was very striking and admired by many customers on the stand.

If you want to acheive these lacy effects in Friendly Plastic do it while it is still warm.  I find I get a much nicer hole using a ball-ended embossing tool (dip it in cold water, or cooking oil first and you can do large holes).

I am at home now for quite a few weeks - my next exhibition is Liverpool at the end of May (20th-21st).   I hope to see more examples of Friendly Plastic work at Liverpool - if so I will put them on the blog now I know how to work with this new mobile phone.

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  1. Glad you like my lacework technique Gillian, it makes a very pretty necklace.