Monday, 11 April 2011

I'm still here!!!

Sorry you have not heard from me for sometime - it has all been rather hectic with all the exhibitions at the moment.  I thought I had better let you know, before I leave for Belfast tomorrow, that I have not disappeared into a black hole somewhere.

I did sit down last week to transfer the show photos from my mobile 'phone and hit a problem!  I know I am not the best with gadgets and computers, but I am now feeling rather stupid.  I had a new mobile and unfortunately I need to apologise to some of you as the first photos I took are nowhere on the 'phone - I obviously did something stupid.  So sorry if I cannot publish some of your work.  Secondly, the photos I do have from Olympia and the NEC are not transferring to the computer.  I have a break after Belfast next week so I will have another look at it then - and hopefully succeed in publishing them for you.

I have a long list of jobs for the break after Belfast and through the summer months - including lots of new samples for the shows in the Autumn. 

I have also just booked the exhibition in Liverpool (run by ICHF) for the end of May.  I have only done this show once before so it will be nice to return.  I will update the exhibition list next week on the website with the full details.  Back to loading the van now ready for the ferry tomorrow night - I wonder if it will be calm crossing.  I am quite happy if the sea is choppy - but I do worry about the stock in the back of the van!

Back soon with more photos for you - hopefully!

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