Monday, 18 April 2011

Off-duty photos from my exhibition travels!

Just to let you know that sometimes we do have the chance on the exhibitions to actually see where we go and that we are not always in the pub!  Here a few photos I took recently of the different areas.

 When I was a Malvern I stayed at a pub/hotel in Upton on Severn and had a walk before breakfast one morning.  This is the river at Upton, complete with ducks,which was just behind the pub. 

When I do Olympia I always try to go down a day earlier so that I can start setting up early on Wednesday morning and try to have some time to do the tourist thing.  Last year it was the Natural History Museum.  This year we went to the Tower of London (I think I was about 15 years old when I last went there).  After that we walked all along the Thames to the Houses of Parliament - at which point the feet gave up.  I spotted a heron on the broken wooden structure and could not resist taking the photo. 
We docked at Birkenhead on Sunday at 0600 hours after the Belfast Exhibition.  My van was on the very top deck (that is another story in itself getting up a very steep ramp with the van).  Here is the early morning view across the Mersey to the Liverpool waterfront at sunrise.  The sky was so clear we could visibly see 10 aeroplanes, but there were even more jetstreams from more planes which were no longer visible.

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