Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Upgraded Web Site

Our new upgraded website is now operational.  You will not see many differences until you come to order, so you do not have to find your way around a totally new design.  However when you order you will find it much quicker and easier.  For example if you are ordering Friendly Plastic you will remain on the list of Friendly Plastic colours and the shopping basket comes to you on that page.  This is much quicker than going to the shopping basket and then finding where you were!  I hope you will find it a big improvement.

I still have to do some work myself, such as adding the photos to the category headings.  Unfortunately some things did not transfer over to the new system.  The other thing which did not transfer are the links on the product description.  I am going to have to work through and change them manually so that they work.  Please bear with me on this as I will have to fit it inbetween exhibitions.

Another new feature is the ability to leave testimonials.  This is on the right hand side of the front page and I believe this is a good feature for anybody new coming to the site as they can check that we do post promptly and do our level best to give a good service.  If you are having a look at the web-site perhaps you could put a testimonial on for me - if you can a big thanks from me.  (There is also a product review facility but I don't think this is possible until you have ordered on the new site - still getting to grips with this).

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