Thursday, 8 September 2011

Cuff Bracelet in Friendly Plastic

Whilst I was in Manchester Christel was working on another Jewellery piece.  This is a cuff bracelet she has made using 2 strips of African Violet.  She joined the 2 together and used a rubber stamp at random to achieve texture.  She wrapped it around a bottle (of the correct size) on the Teflon Sheet whilst it was still warm and did not remove it until it was totally cold.  Christel then used the Copper Multi-Surface Paint, allowing the paint to fill the indentations made by the rubber stamp, but then rubbing it off the surface before it dried so it did not remain on the unstamped African Violet.  I wonder if she will notice if I pinch it off her!


  1. classic design with a good colors.... it give a old age point of view....
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  2. I'm trying to decide which paint to get next. They work so well.