Sunday, 15 January 2012

Friendly Plastic with Cloud Clay

This pendant has been made by combining Friendly Plastic with Cloud Clay and finishing with Colourful Thoughts Multi Surface Paints.  Cloud Clay has the advantage that it is air drying - no kilns or ovens required! 

Cloud Clay can be modelled by hand, rubber stamped and is ideal for using in molds.  Create your desired shape, or texture and just leave to air dry for 24 hours and it hardens and retains its shape/pattern.  Do remember however to keep your Cloud Clay in an airtight container (I wrap mine in cling film first)!
The textured face of the pendant is Cloud Clay which has been rubberstamped.  it was then flashed over with the multi surface paint, and heated with the heat gun to seal and blend the paint.  As an aside the Multi-Surface Paints are exactly what they say - multi surface.  The work on fabric (and heating the paint makes it washable), brilliant on Friendly Plastic & FP Pellets, Paper & card etc.
The reverse of the pendant is Friendly Plastic, which was heated on the reverse - the cloud clay then fuses to the Friendly plastic.  (The silver bail is trapped between the Friendly Plastic and the Cloud Clay).

Friendly Plastic Reverse of the Pendant


  1. Hope to pick up the clay if you are at the SECC in Glasgow in March.

  2. Hi Shairon - Yes I am coming to Glasgow in March. I will be in the Stitching Hall (unlike Autumn when I am in Hobbycraft). See you there.